Hello, my name is DJ Waldow. That's me on the left. My wife is on the right. And sandwiched between us is my Uncle Joe.

On the morning of Thanksgiving, 2014, about 38 minutes before the 117th running of the Buffalo, NY Turkey Trot ... donning our "tight pants" and sucking down a few cold beers in a local Irish Pub, we started talking about "the news." 

The general consensus was that much of the news is negative. It's sad. It's depressing. It's "bad news." But what if there was a place to go to get away from that bad news -- even for just a minute. A site dedicated to surfacing the "good news" stories that may not get their fair share of coverage on the local or national stage.

Moments later, I purchased this domain, gimmesomegoodnews.com. 

Nearly 3 years later, the idea has become a (work in progress) reality.

Quick personal bio/stats

Married. #4KIDZ. #TWINZZ. I love coffee, beer, and people (in no particular order). In case you could not already tell, I love #Hashtags. Oh, and I also love a good smell.

I think we all should smile and laugh every single day.